Printing with Craftsmanship in Mind Tue, 06 Nov 2018 22:58:55 +0000 en hourly 1 Ben Franklin Printers supports Toys for Tots! Tue, 25 Nov 2014 16:25:32 +0000 biziq This Holiday Season, put a smile on a child’s face and donate a toy when you stop by Ben Franklin Printers.

We are an official DROP OFF center of Toys For Tots! Easy access Routes 93 and 101 in NH. Swing by and drop off a new toy for a child and make their holiday season one they won’t soon forget! Thank you!

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Professional Graphic Design in Hooksett, NH Pays Off in the Long Run Fri, 03 Oct 2014 18:13:22 +0000 biziq No matter what your graphic design needs may be—whether for a new website, printed materials, business cards or advertising items—it pays dividends to make sure that you’re working closely with a professional graphic designer. Unfortunately, too many businesses try to cut costs and narrow down a timeline by skimping on design services and instead, have someone do the work for free or at a low rate that most likely directly correlates with their abilities. In the end, the finished product might be “good enough,” but is it really?

The fact of the matter is that graphic design in Hooksett, NH is crucial in a variety of capacities and needs to be of the highest caliber professionally if you’re really and truly going to make the most of your design. Take a look at a few of the reasons it pays to enlist the help of a professional graphic designer and not cut costs on your art:

The best quality: Anyone can take images off of the Internet or old clipart files and mush them together to form a picture—but that’s not what you want when it comes to representing your company through its imagery! A seasoned graphic designer will have the capabilities required to create authentic images from scratch, ensuring that you have original graphics to represent your company—imagery that’s high quality and completely unique to your needs.

Proper design elements: Going hand in hand with the best quality art, someone well versed in graphic design in Hooksett, NH will also understand the design elements that go into a quality finished job. This can include everything from saving the design file with the right resolution, to delivering the right type of digital file to you or your printer. Without these elements in place, the timeline from creation to fruition might be stunted, leaving you waiting on materials you needed yesterday!

Coherence: Rarely is graphic design in Hooksett, NH a “one and done” procedure—you’ll likely need more and more art after your initial design to push a campaign forward or supplement ongoing marketing needs. It pays to have someone of a professional caliber working on all related graphic materials because if you split the work between designers or try to supplement existing art with your own designs, the materials likely aren’t going to mesh well, disjointing a crucial campaign or creating disconnect between like-materials.

No restrictions: Trying to work on graphics in-house, without the vast array of skills needed to properly execute a professional design approach, it can be hard to get the visuals exactly as you want them. From working with typography, to polishing up a design that sports your company’s logo, if you don’t have the expertise needed to transform an image to meet your needs, you’re not going to be happy with the final outcome.

Don’t fall short in your graphical efforts—make sure to trust your design work to a professional who can give you what you want. When it comes to representing your business in a positive, professional light, you wouldn’t skimp on the essentials—so why settle for anything less than truly professional graphic design in Hooksett, NH?

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Our Environmental Commitment Fri, 23 Dec 2011 16:30:58 +0000 Pat At Ben Franklin Printers and Promotional Products, Inc. we are committed to the environment.

| We have outfitted our building with T5 lighting —all light bulbs have been replaced with “eco-friendly” bulbs that give off 20% more light using less energy.

| We run closed-loop plate chemistry replenishment/removal systems developed in collaboration with Eastman Kodak Co.

| We run vegetable-oil based ink around the clock. Not just on special request.

| Water, air, aluminum printing plates and inks are all recycled.

| We recycle 100% of excess papers generated in our printing and finishing operations including trims, corrugated and office waste.

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Green Carbonless Paper Tue, 21 Jun 2011 17:51:56 +0000 Pat Environmentally friendly carbonless paper at no additional cost to you! These papers utilize naturally based, organic solvents to create a carbonless capsule that is more environmentally responsible. You sacrifice nothing of your carbonless quality expectations but gain a positive impact on the environment.


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Introducing Our New Digital PRESS Fri, 22 Apr 2011 17:28:16 +0000 admin Introducing our new bizhub PRESS C7000, a scalable digital printing system that offers versatile media handling, professional finishing and simplified workflow integration. A cost effective solution well suited to a wide variety of printing operations that demand the best.

Remarkably high image quality

From start to finish, consistent quality for professional results

Superb image quality rivals offset printing. The IDC sensor and new colour control ensure consistent results through the entire print run.

Exceptional modularity, excellent versatility

Versatile and scalable for any on-demand printing requirement

A choice of image controllers and inline finishing options (including perfect binding) lets us customize the system depending on requirements.

Unmatched reliability for maximum uptime

Excellent usability and reliability for peerless efficiency

Highly cost efficient, the system achieves smoother performance with enhanced durability, long-life consumables and shorter startup time.

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Heidelberg’s Color Matching Rated Best in the Industry Mon, 28 Mar 2011 03:24:07 +0000 admin http://localhost:8888/?p=35 At the GATF Tech Alert Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Heidelberg’s Proofing solution and ICC Color Management took top ratings in the eight-up Digital Color Proofing study matching a digital color proof to a press sheet. In the ranking of seven companies that included Heidelberg, Agfa, Kodak, Fuji Film, DuPont, CGS and Creo, GATF independently measured the supplied IT8.7/3 test chart with 928 color patches of each company’s proof against the GATF press sheet. The test chart was measured using a spectrophotometer and the color differences between the proof and press sheet were calculated.

The Heidelberg proofing solution had the closest color match to the supplied press sheet. The color difference was described as a Delta E value. Delta E is the term used in measured color differences, with the smallest color difference having the smallest Delta E value. Not only did the Heidelberg proofing solution have the lowest average Delta E value ( 1.97 ), of the 928 color patches, the color with the greatest Delta E difference was nearly half the value of the next closest proof.

Color matching has to date been a subjective process. Based on these results, however, Heidelberg has proven its superior color matching technology, demonstrating that the HP Designjet 5000 with the appropriate ink, paper and color management technology provides the best proof to press sheet match possible. That data was scientifically measured by spectrophotometric devices, eliminating any bias or defects the human eye can have. The scoring was a statistically valid analysis. Based on the data supplied to the study, Heidelberg not only had the closest color match, but also had the least expensive and most productive 8-up digital color proofing solution.

“Heidelberg has always heard from a qualitative basis that our color matching technology was excellent,” said Ray Cassino, director, Heidelberg Prepress. “With these results, we now can substantiate that proof with quantitative data.”

The GATF Tech Alert Conference was created to inform printing innovators about the key management and production issue developments. It provided original research and information on
prepress an press operations to give insight into the effects of technological innovation.

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